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Renate no longer offers full service design or designs the details of anything installed by a contractor. She now focuses on curating and running her showrooms and assisting people to find the best home furnishings in the city. 
Renate and her team are can help you get clear about your concept, we can bring in collaborators to draw details and we can help you complete furnishings projects. 
RRD | IMG_5984
RRD | Carrs IMG_2145 (1)
RRD | IMG_0908
RRD | IMG_0185 (1)
RRD | RamagliaIMG_0014 (1)
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P1010073 (1)
My favorite project from last year. I'm really happy with how it turned out
RRD | IMG_6511
RRD | Carrs IMG_2145 (1)
P1010073 (1)
RRD | IMG_0848
RRD - Color
RRD | DSC_0050
RRD | IMG_0908
RRD | DSC_0003
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