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Home is where your life happens. 

Let me help you make your home someplace really special to you.

I pay attention to what makes the difference between a common room and a really special room that has style - your style. I’ve come to believe that the difference between good and great design is in the details and the relationships between things.

The whole is always more than the sum of the parts. 


Design a process of exploration and it is very personal.  The best design works not just because it’s nice to look at, but because it works well, holds up well, and meets your needs, beautifully.

My goal is to always take you on a journey beyond where you would go on your own. Delight and surprise are part of the package.

Design is provided as a whole, with all pieces integrating with the others. We don't just shop for pieces, we curate the whole design, so you can be done and move on with living in your house

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