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color consultations




Roughly 90 minutes spent

coordinating colors for your entire home. Inside OR outside.

Successful color selection is about more than picking your favorite color - it’s about knowing how the colors work together in context that makes the difference between an OK color and a “just right” color.


The right color can make all the difference. It can change how you feel in a space, and can change how the space feels. Color can make a too small room seem cozier and an awkward space feel better. 


I’ll help you take the guesswork out of choosing your colors and help you understand what the colors you select are going to do to the space, and to each other. Together we’ll develop a palette that reflects your unique tastes and sensibilities, enhances your style and coordinates with the character of your home - creating the effect you are looking for. 

A color consultation is a great way to work with a designer for the first time, to see how you like it and how you work together.

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